FSP Hosts Its Sixth Annual Summer Intern Career Conference

In July 2019, FSP conducted the Sixth Annual Intern Career Conference. Hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, the gathered almost 200 interns and business leaders from approximately 17 Chicago-area financial services firms and several nonprofit organizations. The focus and theme of the conference was “The Role of Authorship,” and sessions encouraged attendees to think about building their professional story. The conference was designed to provide interns in the industry with tangible, transferable skills through panel discussions and sessions on soliciting feedback, honing professional and personal values, and utilizing the power of networking through LinkedIn.

Conference offerings also focused on promoting and explaining the many jobs and roles available in the financial services industry, as well as the diverse backgrounds of the professionals in these positions. Interns and students participated in a speed networking session with financial service professionals from all levels to discuss the best ways to achieve their career goals. A post-conference survey showed that over 70% of attendees felt that the conference had an impact on their interest in pursuing a career in the financial services industry.

Event Materials