Financial Services Careers Toolkit

All the tools you need to advise or learn about careers in financial services

This digital toolkit is a collection of resources for FSP member firms and their partner organizations to use as they interact with students in high school and early college to help them learn about the financial services industry. Students can also use this toolkit independently to research information about the industry and its career opportunities.

You will find on this website the following kinds of materials:

  • Descriptions of the industry and careers in it
  • Videos of professionals and interns talking about their work in the industry
  • Resource links for additional information

Please explore the toolkit and the guide for its use to support teaching and learning about the industry and its careers.

What is the industry about?

The Financial Services Industry is broad and complex. Here you can find information about the broad functions of the industry, videos about the way money works, history and terms relevant to the industry, and its role in our communities.

What are financial services careers?

Financial services is a broad industry that covers many different types of careers. In this section of the toolkit, you will find out about the wide range of professions that the industry involves and the ways in which that work is interconnected.

How do I get there?

The financial services industry offers many different types of opportunities for careers and work. That means there are many different pathways to get to the type of work in which you are interested. Regardless of your area of interest, two things are important to consider that will be explored in this section: