It’s Hiring Season!

Some of our members are now accepting applications for 2017 internship and entry-level positions. Learn about the opportunities they offer by visiting the Careers page.

Featured Opportunities:

  • Wintrust Credit Academy- Rotational Credit Analyst Program
    • Wintrust Financial is looking for finance/accounting majors who are graduating in 2017 and are interested in joining their Rotational Credit Analyst Program after graduation. You can learn more about this program on their website at are accepted in the fall, selected candidates will be invited to interview with hiring managers in October/November, and positions will begin in July of 2017. Interested applicants can apply for the position at by choosing the position “Wintrust Credit Academy – Rotational Credit Analyst Program”.
  • Northern Trust- 2017 Summer Intern Program
    • The Northern Trust Intern Program is a highly competitive ten week summer program that provides great opportunities to work in a fast paced and inclusive culture, while utilizing individual skills and abilities to make a positive impact on the company. While interns work directly with their team on day to day tasks, they also benefit from having a mentor, participating in professional development activities and attending senior management informal presentations.  For non-technology internship descriptions, click here. For technology internship descriptions, click here.
  • Northern Trust- 2017 Rotational Development Program
    • The Northern Trust Rotational Development Program (RDP) is designed to develop the technical skills, business acumen, and leadership abilities of new or recent graduates.
      During the one- to two-year program, participants will have the opportunity to perform meaningful assignments in various rotations while gaining a broader perspective, along with exposure to leadership of the different departments in their chosen career track.
      After successfully completing the program, qualified Associates will be placed into a role that best leverages the experiences they’ve gained throughout their rotations and meets their career interests. For RDP job descriptions, click here.


Members contribute resources to the Initiative, participate in joint programs and research, and partake in the governance of the Initiative.

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