2021 FSP Intern Career Conference

Tuesday July 6 – Wednesday July 7

2021 Intern Career Conference Recap

On July 6 and 7, 2021, the Financial Services Pipeline (FSP) conducted the Eighth Annual Intern Career Conference. Hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, the virtual event gathered more than 250 interns, students, and business leaders from approximately 23 unique Chicago-area financial services firms nonprofit partner organizations. The theme of the conference was “The Balancing Act” and highlights include:

  • Networking and engagement via improv and trivia
  • Intern ambassadors (experienced and converted interns) who provided mentorship and advice to new interns
  • Motivational Keynote Speaker, Sunny Akhigbe
  • Panel sessions on Thriving Professionally In Times of Uncertainty and Landing Your Next Role
  • Mindfulness and deep breathing session
  • Videos with advice from FSP leaders and former interns

A post-conference survey indicated that over 85% of attendees felt that the conference had an impact on their growing journey for a successful career in the financial services industry.

Select quotes from event attendees:

  • I learned so much valuable information and had a genuinely enjoyable time even with the event being virtual this year. Information I took away from this conference includes: building a better resume, when and how to apply for a promotion, how to continue to stand out after landing a role, and the importance of being authentic and having a sense of humor in the workplace. I was very grateful to be invited to this conference and would love to attend again if given the chance!
  • FSP has extended its arms through allowing me to be a part of its community group on LinkedIn. It serves as a better way for me to network and further my career.
  • The conference helped me consider the fact that my voice could be heard in the financial world. While the financial sector had never been my first choice for potential careers, I’ve started to consider the route as a viable road to take.
  • FSP really opened my eyes to industry best practices that I look forward to implementing during fulltime recruitment.

View the conference information, agenda, and speaker bios at this link.